Transient Permission:

A student desiring to take course work as a transient student at another college must have his or her course approved in advance by the 注册商 by completing the transient form.  Approval must be granted prior to completing the course for transfer credit to be awarded.  Transient permission will not be granted for a course in which the student has received a grade and all prerequisites for the course at Limestone University must be met.  No more than 15 semester hours of correspondence course credit will be accepted toward the Associate or Bachelor’s degree. 
Transient Permission Form


Credit may be earned by degree seeking students by means of several types of credit by exams:  CLEP, 唐太斯或通过一个学术部门的特殊考试科目.  学生必须通过填写学分考试表格来申请. 学生在安排考试前必须获得批准. Credit cannot be earned by examination for any course in which a grade has been received or any course which has been audited.  A maximum of twenty-five percent (25%) of all degree requirements may be earned through credit by examination.  Courses for which a student earns credit by examination are considered transfer credits and therefore are not included in the total earned credit hours for graduation honors or grade point average. Seniors graduating in May must request credit by examination no later than March 15 and complete the exam no later than April 1. Seniors graduating in December must request the examination no later than October 15 and complete the exam no later than November 1st.
Credit By Examination Form

Enrollment Verification:

学生可登入学生资讯站办理登记核实手续. This information is updated on the 15th of each month through the National Student Clearinghouse. 您可以查看当前学期或之前所有学期的注册情况. The information submitted to the National Student Clearinghouse is based on the student’s information in our system at the time the report is completed. Student information is compiled based on the Social Security number; therefore, 国际学生将无法使用这些信息. 如果您需要注册验证,请到注册办公室.




要更改您的名字,您需要在线填写表格. 在适当的官方文件(例如. new driver’s license, official identification card, or Social Security card) is received. This may be emailed to 注册商 or faxed to (864) 488-8340.

To change your major, advisor, or catalog year you will need to submit the form in the halo on the Student 资源 page.



In order to change your enrollment status from traditional day to 在线项目 (or vise versa), 请填写身份变更表格. The request for change from the 在线项目 to 传统al Day will only be accepted between June 1 and July 1 for an effective date of July 1.

Students changing from 传统al Day to the 在线项目 must do so by January 10 for an effective date of January 1; or by July 5 for an effective date of July. 在这些日期之后收到的更改将在下学期处理.
身份变更 Form

Coordinated Study:

Full-time junior or senior students can request to take a course as a coordinated study when special circumstances prevent a student from taking a required course that is not available for enrollment in a classroom or 在线项目 version during the semester. Students cannot request a coordinated study to repeat a course in which a student has received a low grade. The student must complete the application online at least one month prior to the anticipated start date. 所有协调学习必须得到指导教师的批准, the department chair, the division chair, 和负责学术事务的助理副校长.

Transcript Request:

2014年以后在莱姆斯通就读的校友/非活跃学生 可以通过Parchment申请官方成绩单 光环 (使用您的学生登录)并选择校友选项卡. 您可以选择以电子方式发送成绩单或邮寄纸质副本.  如果你选择以电子方式发送成绩单, 请提供最终收件人的电子邮件地址.  如果你把成绩单发给自己, 它不能转发给第三方,也不能作为正式文件打印.  只有当最初的收件人下载并打开时,它才是正式的.  Please be sure that the institution that will receive your transcript accepts electronic transcripts before requesting it to be sent in this manner.

如果你在2015年之前就读于电子游艺平台下载, you will need to request your official transcript by going to the National Student Clearinghouse at  通过信息交换所要求的成绩单只能以纸质形式发送. 一份正式成绩单的费用是13美元.00 /份.  It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that the transcript was received by the recipient.  如果未收到成绩单,我们将在两周后将成绩单重新发送到同一地址.  We must be notified within 30 days of the initial request if a transcript needs to be resent.  30天后,必须提交新的申请.  如果成绩单需要发送到不同的地址,也需要一个新的请求.

当前的学生 can request an official transcript by using the "Request Official Transcript" link on the Student 形式 tab under 注册商 Office 形式 in 光环,或前往注册办公室. 

All financial responsibilities must be satisfied in full before transcripts can be released. 

Replacement Diploma:

If you are a past graduate of Limestone University and would like to order a copy of your diploma, 请填妥补领文凭表格. Replacement diplomas are ordered from Herff-Jones and typically take 4-5 weeks to arrive. 更换文凭的费用是65美元.00.
Order a Replacement Diploma